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Gupta Immigration Consultants is an authorized consultancy representing various universities and colleges mainly in U.K, Australia, USA, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada and Newzealand. OUR CONSULTANTS is the only company providing absolutely free counseling services on education abroad in India and U.K. Gupta Immigration Consultants provides services for students and parents. Gupta Immigration Consultants has developed a professional & personalized consultancy service to provide complete information and personal assistance for students interested in studying overseas. We assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for overseas education. Our excellent, professional and expertise services and good experience allow us to efficiently handle large number of students applications ABSOLUTELY FREE. * *conditions apply .

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Professor Vikas Garg
+91 916 982 6000


Satish Gupta (NRI)
+91 905 340 1688

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Deepshikha Bagri


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Corporate Office: Shop No 42 A, Sector 13, Kalra Market, Karnal-132001, Haryana, India
Branch Office: 4 Blakeville dr, Caroline Springs, Vic-3023, Australia
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